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User Orders 
Let your customers check the list and the details for the orders they made on the store.
Compatibility: v14.0 - v2019.1
Current version: 17
Audio Player 
Add a player for a single track or a full playlist.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v2019.1
Current version: 11
Swiper Animated Slider 
Pick a reveal effect from the list and apply it to your images to create your Gallery.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v2019.1
Current version: 19
Swiper Grid Slider 
Create a gallery where images are displayed in a grid format with a description and are easily browsable through the indicator displaying the current image.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v2019.1
Current version: 13
Social Icons 
Create a menu bar with social media icons so that visitors can follow your news.
Compatibility: v11.0 - v2019.1
Current version: 14
Animated Image 
Creates an image on which are shown with an transition effect the text and a connected button.
Compatibility: v12.0 - v2019.1
Current version: 26