Optional Objects

Enrich your website with new functions: galleries, maps, banners, animated buttons and much more.

Shopping and booking

Login & Logout 
Show Login and Password fields to allow users to directly access a reserved area page
Pricing Table 
Create a table to compare products and plans. Offer your customers the best solution according to their needs.
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18 Cr
Tab Focus 
Attract the visitors' attention by setting an animation effect on your page title displayed on the browser tab, right when it isn't active.
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14 Cr
Cart Status 
It provides information about the current status of the e-commerce shopping cart, such as the order total amount or the number of ordered products.
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12 Cr
Activate an online booking system with a calendar on your web site. To use this service you need to subscribe to
Add a quick, simple and safe system on your website's pages to raise funds for your association. To use this service you need to subscribe to
PayPal Donate 
Create a button to receive worldwide donations via PayPal.
Testimonial & Rating 
Create well formatted boxes reporting your satisfied customers' feedback and ratings and show the quality of your products and/or services.
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16 Cr
User Orders 
Let your customers check the list and the details for the orders they made on the store.
Catalog Viewer 
View a PDF file like a catalog in which the user can browse through the pages.
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24 Cr
PDF File 
Select the Adobe Acrobat PDF file you want to show on the page.
Accept and manage online booking. NOTE: to use this service you need to register to