Accordion Text 
Display texts complete with title and description in accordion style.
Compatibility: v16.0 - v17.0
Current version: 10
Login & Logout 
This lets users log in/log out so they can access locked pages in your website.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.0
Current version: 6
RSS Feed 
Create a box with the latest RSS Feed News from your Website, Blog or another Website of your choice.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.0
Current version: 8
Activate a chat on your website and start providing support to your customers right away. To use this service you need to subscribe to
Compatibility: v12.0 - v17.0
Current version: 7
Create well formatted boxes containing your satisfied users' opinions and show the quality of your service/product.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.0
Current version: 11
Audio Player 
Add a player for a single track or a full playlist.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.0
Current version: 11
Cart Status 
This gives some details on the shopping cart, for example, the number of products ordered or the total price.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.0
Current version: 4
Skill Bar 
Create an animated bar to represent a progress or ability.
Compatibility: v11.0 - v17.0
Current version: 3