Optional Objects

Enrich your website with new functions: galleries, maps, banners, animated buttons and much more.

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Sliding Panels 
Create a gallery in which each image is divided into animated panels during the transition.
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10 Cr
Polaroid Gallery 
Create a gallery where the images are presented as polaroids randomly arranged.
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10 Cr
Create a gallery by adding your images into a catalogue you can leaf through.
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12 Cr
MathML Code 
Insert the MathML presentation code corresponding to the mathematical formula you want to display on the page.
Before/After Comparison 
Compare two images defining the effect with which the transition must take place from one to the other.
Jssor Slider 
Create an image gallery by using Jssor slider.
Blog Widget 
Show the latest posts published in the blog created with WebSite X5.
PDF File 
Select the Adobe Acrobat PDF file you want to show on the page.
PPT File 
Select the Microsoft PowerPoint PPT/PPS file you want to show on the page.
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Shinystat Counter 
Show the Shinystat visit counter. NOTE: to use this service it is necessary to register on
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Google Translate 
Activate Google Translate to allow your website visitors to translate easily the content of your pages.
Accept and manage online booking. NOTE: to use this service you need to register to