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Social Icons 
Create a menu bar with social media icons so that visitors can follow your news.
Compatibilidad: v11.0 - v17.1
Versión actual: 14
Animated Image 
Creates an image on which are shown with an transition effect the text and a connected button.
Compatibilidad: v12.0 - v17.1
Versión actual: 26
Justified Gallery 
Creates a responsive gallery where the images are adapted to occupy always all the available space to have a justified layout.
Compatibilidad: v12.0 - v17.1
Versión actual: 14
Cart Status 
This gives some details on the shopping cart, for example, the number of products ordered or the total price.
Compatibilidad: v13.0 - v17.1
Versión actual: 4
Google Maps 
Enter the address of the place to display on the map and specify the graphic settings.
Compatibilidad: v13.0 - v17.1
Versión actual: 15