Objetos Opcionales

Enriquezca su sitio con más funcionalidades: galerías, mapas, banner, botones animados y mucho más.


Accordion Text & FAQ 
Add text and FAQ with accordion style: the text is shown after clicking on the titles.
Animated Box 
Your page will look more interesting with animated boxes that have: an image, a title, a description and a button. It's perfect to highlight the information you want your user to focus on.
Shuffle Text 
Grab the attention of your user with animated titles and text: reveal the final text by shuffling scrambled characters.
Tilt Box 
Make your pages more interactive: animate colored boxes and images, complete with titles and links--you'll see them tilt as you hover.
Fullscreen Scroll Text 
Create a band with the same page height: when scrolling down, a text will be displayed with fade-in and fade-out transition effects.
Create an animated text where numbers flow like an odometer or a slot machine.
Testimonial & Rating 
Create well formatted boxes reporting your satisfied customers' feedback and ratings and show the quality of your products and/or services.
Animated Headlines 
Create an animated signature, in which a part of the text changes showing the effect you have set.