Objets Optionnels

Enrichissez votre site avec des nouvelles fonctions: galeries, cartes, bannières, boutons animés et bien plus encore.


Fullscreen Scroll Text 
Create a band with the same page height: when scrolling down, a text will be displayed with fade-in and fade-out transition effects.
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21 Cr
Accordion Text/FAQ 
Add text and FAQ with accordion style: the text is shown after clicking on the titles.
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18 Cr
Create an animated text where numbers flow like an odometer or a slot machine.
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12 Cr
Create an animated text and apply effects on words or letters.
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12 Cr
Testimonial & Rating 
Create well formatted boxes reporting your satisfied customers' feedback and ratings and show the quality of your products and/or services.
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16 Cr
Flip Clock 
Include timers, counters or Countdown into the page.
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10 Cr
Animated Headlines 
Create an animated signature, in which a part of the text changes showing the effect you have set.
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