Objets Optionnels

Enrichissez votre site avec des nouvelles fonctions: galeries, cartes, bannières, boutons animés et bien plus encore.


Cursor Click Effects 
Rock your pages and add an animation effect on the mouse pointer click.
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8 Cr
Cursor Floating Trail 
Animate the mouse pointer so to display a floating trail of bubbles, balloons, stars or other elements when you drag it.
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5 Cr
Cursor Trail Effects 
Add an effect to the mouse pointer: by dragging it, you will see a trail of drops, flashes, flowers or other elements falling down.
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5 Cr
Falling Down 
Enrich your pages with a shower of stars, confetti, leaves or anything else you like.
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10 Cr
Add a snowfall effect on your pages and get your website ready for the winter holidays.
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