Objetos Opcionales

Enriquezca su sitio con más funcionalidades: galerías, mapas, banner, botones animados y mucho más.

Todas las categorías

Accordion Text & FAQ 
Add text and FAQ with accordion style: the text is shown after clicking on the titles.
Scratch and Reveal 
Create a game in which you scratch over an image to reveal a second hidden image underneath. You can customize any aspect and use it to provide rewards and discounts as well as to promote your business.
Before/After Image 
Compare two images defining the effect with which the transition must take place from one to the other.
Price list 
Create menus and price lists for cafes, restaurants and shops. You can add titles, descriptions, prices, images and icons for each entry so to get well-formatted, customized price lists.
Memory Game 
Create a Memory game and define the number of columns for the cards. You can customize every aspect and use the game to provide rewards and discounts so to promote your business.
Polaroid Grid 
Create a gallery in which images are displayed like polaroids hanging on a wall and move as you scroll down the page.
Isometric Grid Gallery 
Create a gallery where images are arranged according to a neat isometric grid layout.
Adv Calendar 
Create an Advent calendar -or any other calendar for different occasions throughout the year- and captivate your users with an engaging countdown experience. Customize the time frame, determine the number of boxes, and select the gifts or discounts concealed behind each one.
Frame Gallery 
Amaze your users with a gallery where images flow in the background while a central element stays fixed in the foreground, such as a frame, a silhouette, a person, etc.
Animated Box 
Your page will look more interesting with animated boxes that have: an image, a title, a description and a button. It's perfect to highlight the information you want your user to focus on.
QRCode Generator 
Create your own QR code, choose between a wide variety of possible actions (link to a website, opening a PDF file, starting a phone call, etc.) and customize it to get a unique design.
Shuffle Text 
Grab the attention of your user with animated titles and text: reveal the final text by shuffling scrambled characters.
Photo Sphere Viewer 
Add 360° spherical photographs to the pages of your website and give your users an exciting and immersive experience.
Tilt Box 
Make your pages more interactive: animate colored boxes and images, complete with titles and links--you'll see them tilt as you hover.
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