Swiper Animated Slider 
Pick a reveal effect from the list and apply it to your images to create your Gallery.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.1
Current version: 17
Swiper Grid Slider 
Create a gallery where images are displayed in a grid format with a description and are easily browsable through the indicator displaying the current image.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.1
Current version: 11
360 Gallery 
This creates a gallery in which an object rotates 360° so it can be seen from all angles.
Compatibility: v13.0 - v17.1
Current version: 7
Circular Discography 
Create a gallery where the images are displayed in a circular window with a 3D transition effect.
Compatibility: v12.0 - v17.1
Current version: 13
Slice Box 
Create a gallery with 3D effects, which contains images that are cut into sections. The image parts rotate creating transitions to view the complete picture.
Compatibility: v12.0 - v17.1
Current version: 14
Sliding Panels 
Create a gallery in which each image is divided into animated panels during the transition.
Compatibility: v11.0 - v17.1
Current version: 13