Frequently Asked Questions


What are Credits?

Credits are the virtual currency used in the Marketplace. If you have enough credits, you can download new Templates and Optional Objects while you are working with WebSite X5, without leaving the program: all the purchased items are available immediately for use in your Projects.

Credits have been used with WebSite X5 since version 11. If you have a licence for a previous version, and you want to update it, go to Your Offers.

Where can I buy Credits?

You can buy credit packs in the Marketplace. The more credits there are in a pack, the more money you save.

To buy Credits in the Marketplace, create an account and then log in to visit the My Credits page.

How do I activate Credits?

Credits must be activated before they can be used.

It's simple to activate Credits: when you buy a Credit pack, you'll receive an email with a licence code. Copy this code, login into our Help Center and go to the My Credits page: paste the code into the Activate a Credit pack section and click on the Activate button.

What can I buy with Credits?

You can use Credits to buy new Templates, in the Full Template or Graphic Template version, and new Optional Objects. The version you use depends on the type of resource:

  • Full Template: these are mini websites, with complete graphics, stylesheets and sample pages. When you buy one of these, you'll receive an email with the link and instructions for downloading the project file. You can also find the link in the Full Template section of the My Downloads page.
  • Graphic Template: when you buy one of the Graphic Templates, it is automatically added to the ones already included with WebSite X5. You can find them all in the Licensed category of the template list.
  • Optional Objects: like the Graphic Templates, when you buy an Optional Object, it is automatically added to those already included in WebSite X5. You'll find them in the Licensed category of the list of available Objects in the Object Management window.

If you don't see the Graphic Template or Optional Object that you have bought, click on the Update button to update the list.

How can I check my Credit balance?

Everything you need for buying, activating and managing your credits are in the My Credits page, which you can go to after logging in from the Help Center/Marketplace.

In this page you'll find your active Credit balance, the statement of the packs you have activated and your orders.

Do Credits have an expiry date?

Yes, Credits are valid for 365 days from the date of activation. If you purchase more than one Credit pack, the oldest Credits are detracted first. The Credits Summary table (on the My Credits page) shows both the activation date and the expiry date of your Credits, so you can keep everything under control.

Can I have a refund for unused Credits?

You can request a refund for complete Credit packs within 30 days of purchase. However, if you have used some Credits from a Credit pack, the remaining Credits cannot be refunded.


What are the WebSite X5 Templates?

We want your website to be beautiful! That's why we keep adding new templates to WebSite X5 or in the Marketplace. Some are free, others are on sale.

All the new WebSite X5 templates that you see in the Marketplace are available for sale and/or as a download in the Full or Graphic version.

WebSite X5 Templates can only be purchased with Credits and can only be used with the WebSite X5 software and not with any other product or service.

What is a Full Template?

When you buy and/or download one of the WebSite X5 templates from our Marketplace, you can choose between the Full or Graphic version.

If you download a Full Template, you will get a true website, complete with graphics, styles and some sample pages. In other words, you get a project file (a .IWZIP file) complete with:

  • a custom Graphic Template
  • original graphic contents in the header/footer
  • a Sitemap with at least 5 pages (for example, the Homepage, Services, Prices, Contacts, About us) with a pre-defined page layout that includes:
    • dummy text (e.g. Lorem Ipsum) with styles applied to it
    • sample images (check the paragraph about image licences)
    • multimedia objects (e.g. contact forms, a map in the contact page, photo gallery, etc.).

When you have imported the project file into WebSite X5, you can add your own content and customize it as you wish: then you'll be ready to go online with your new website.

A Full Template is, therefore, the perfect choice if you need to create a new website. It gives you an excellent starting point: you'll save time and great results are guaranteed.

What is a Graphic Template?

When you buy and/or download one of the WebSite X5 Templates from our Marketplace, you can choose bewteen the Full or Graphic version.

If you download a Graphic Template, you will get a preset graphic design that defines the structure and layout of the pages, including what the header and footer look like. So, with a Graphic Template you will have a layout that includes:

  • a custom Graphic Template
  • original graphic elements in the header/footer.

The Graphic Templates are shown in the list of WebSite X5's default templates and can be easily applied to any of the projects you are working on.

A Graphic Template is the ideal choice if you want to liven up the layout of a website without changing the contents.

If I buy a Full Template, do I have to buy its Graphic Template as well?

No. You can choose whether to buy the WebSite X5 Templates in the Full or Graphic version. If you buy a Graphic Template, you will have the basic layout: if, on the other hand, you buy a Full Template, you will have a complete project that includes both a layout and default sample pages.

If you buy a Full Template, you get everything that is included in the Graphic Template, plus something more.

Where can I find the templates that I buy?

When you buy one of the WebSite X5 templates from the Marketplace, you will receive an email with the necessary instructions. In any case, remember that:

  • if you buy a Graphic Template, you don't have to do anything. Whe you open WebSite X5, you'll find the template in the Default Template Gallery.
  • if you buy a Full Template, you will need to download the .EXE file. This file is available for download from the window at the end of the order process, from the confirmation email or also from the purchased items list (in the My Credits page).

Do I have to buy the Optional Objects that may be included in the WebSite X5 Templates?

No. It's up to you to decide. When we create a Template, we try to make it as interesting as possible, and so we use the Objects that we think are the best choice. You may find that a Template you are interested in has some Optional Objects that you haven't installed. If you decide to buy the Template in the Full version, you can decide whether to buy the Optional Objects as well or replace them with other ones that you already have while you are working on your project.

How many websites can I create with one template?

The WebSite X5 templates that can be freely downloaded don't have any particular limits on use. You can use them for all the websites you want, including those you create for other people.

ìIs it possible to re-sell WebSite X5 templates?

WebSite X5 Templates, whether freely downloaded or purchased, cannot be resold directly. It is, however, possible to use a Template for creating a complete website that will be sold to a client.

If you are a web designer, use one of our WebSite X5 Templates to create a website and sell the complete service to your client.

For further information, please refer to the Terms anf Conditions of Use of WebSite X5 Templates.

The Template doesn't wotk with your version: what does this mean?

This message usually appears if the Template was created with a version that is different to the latest version of your software.

Convertible Template: what does this mean?

A convertible Template is one that was created with an earlier version of the software and has been made compatible with the version of your software. You can use the template anyway: WebSite X5 will convert it automatically the first time it is imported.

Remember that some settings may vary from what you see in the Live Preview of the template in the Marketplace you may need to intervene to restore them. Contact our technical support team if you need any help.