Dropbox Gallery 
Create a gallery showing the images stored in a Dropbox folder. By adding or removing a file from the folder, the gallery will automatically update.
Compatibilidad: v2019.1 - v2019.2
Versión actual: 7
YouTube Gallery 
Create a gallery with your favorite YouTube videos: the thumbnails grid makes it easier to browse them.
Compatibilidad: v13.0 - v2019.2
Versión actual: 9
Accordion Gallery 
Create a gallery where partially overlapping images flow on top of one another towards the foreground.
Compatibilidad: v13.0 - v2019.2
Versión actual: 8
Justified Gallery 
Creates a responsive gallery where the images are adapted to occupy always all the available space to have a justified layout.
Compatibilidad: v12.0 - v2019.2
Versión actual: 17
360 Gallery 
This creates a gallery in which an object rotates 360° so it can be seen from all angles.
Compatibilidad: v13.0 - v2019.2
Versión actual: 7
Create a responsive gallery in which the images are dynamically arranged within a grid according to their height and the available space.
Compatibilidad: v11.0 - v2019.2
Versión actual: 24
Polaroid Gallery 
Create a gallery where the images are presented as polaroids randomly arranged.
Compatibilidad: v11.0 - v2019.2
Versión actual: 11