Doctor Ross

Created with WebSite X5 Evolution 16.0
Uses Optional Objects
Doctor Ross is the website template for doctors who want the best quality treatment for their patients. How is that even possible? You will know it once you start getting appointments through its simple booking form. Encourage your patients to use it and you'll soon both save time and hassle. No more sticky notes. Just your website to keep yourself organized and up-to-date with your patients. They can learn all about you: share your education, latest news and the most relevant medical information with Doctor Ross template. Individuals and small clinics will love it. Not only they will enjoy its one-page layout, but also its complete easy-to-use design features. This doctor website template is a catch. Hit the button and try it now.
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Full Templates
A Full Template is a website complete with graphics, styles and sample pages.

When you buy it, you'll get a .iwzip project file made with WebSite X5 and its Graphic Template, that is its clean layout, for free.

From the Full Template order sheet you can also tick to add the Optional Objects used in the project that you don't own yet. The total of the order will change according to the selected items.

As soon as the transaction is completed, the Optional Objects will be available within the software, in Objects Management > Licensed .
If you leave everything unchecked, you'll get the .iwzip file by e-mail and the Graphic Template will be added to the WebSite X5 Default Template section.
Full Templates
A complete website to customize and publish today.
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Graphic Template
Accordion Text
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Social Icons
Animated Image
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Graphic Template
A Graphic Template is a website layout with no contents inside except for a preset graphic design to help you start your project. As soon as the transaction is completed, you'll find the template already in WebSite X5, in the Licensed category.
Graphic Template
A blank website with a clean layout to start with.
8 Cr