Add a snowfall effect on your pages and get your website ready for the winter holidays.
Compatibilité: v13.1 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 2
Create an animated text where numbers flow like an odometer or a slot machine.
Compatibilité: v16.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 5
Create an animated text and apply effects on words or letters.
Compatibilité: v16.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 5
Swiper Animated Slider 
Pick a reveal effect from the list and apply it to your images to create your Gallery.
Compatibilité: v13.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 19
Animated Image 
Creates an image on which are shown with an transition effect the text and a connected button.
Compatibilité: v12.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 27
Skill Bar 
Create an animated bar to represent a progress or ability.
Compatibilité: v11.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 6
Flip Clock 
Include timers, counters or Countdown into the page.
Compatibilité: v11.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 10
Animated Button 
Create an animated button by activating the link and select text, graphics settings and mouse-over effect.
Compatibilité: v12.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 15
Hover Button 
Create a button and customize it with mouse hover effects.
Compatibilité: v17.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 14
Animated Headlines 
Create an animated signature, in which a part of the text changes showing the effect you have set.
Compatibilité: v12.0 - v2019.2
Version actuelle: 17