Дополнительные объекты

Добавьте на свой сайт новые функции: галереи, карты, баннеры, анимированные кнопки и многое другое.

Swiper Animated Slider 
Pick a reveal effect from the list and apply it to your images to create your Gallery.
Swiper Grid Slider 
Create a gallery where images are displayed in a grid format with a description and are easily browsable through the indicator displaying the current image.
Social Icons 
Create a menu bar with social media icons so that visitors can follow your news.
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Animated Image 
Creates an image on which are shown with an transition effect the text and a connected button.
Justified Gallery 
Creates a responsive gallery where the images are adapted to occupy always all the available space to have a justified layout.
Google Maps 
Enter the address of the place to display on the map and specify the graphic settings. You can register and check out the service terms and costs on: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/.
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Create a box where the weather forecast of every location on the world are shown.
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Create a responsive gallery in which the images are dynamically arranged within a grid according to their height and the available space.
Promote your LinkedIn personal or company profile by adding in your website buttons that allows the users to follow you and/or share your content.
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