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Sliding Panels 
Create a gallery in which each image is divided into animated panels during the transition.
Compatibilità: v11.0 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 14
Promote your Facebook profile by adding in your website buttons that allows the users to follow you and/or share your content.
Compatibilità: v12.0 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 13
Accordion Gallery 
Create a gallery where partially overlapping images flow on top of one another towards the foreground.
Compatibilità: v13.0 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 8
Mobile Contact 
Enable your visitors browsing your website on mobile to see the buttons to contact you using E-Mail, Phone, WhatsApp or Social media.
Compatibilità: v2019.1 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 2
User Orders 
Let your customers check the list and the details for the orders they made on the store.
Compatibilità: v2020.1 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 19
Meteo Italy 
Create an customisable weather forecast box.
Compatibilità: v11.0 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 13
Accordion Text 
Display texts complete with title and description in accordion style.
Compatibilità: v2019.1 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 15
Dropbox Gallery 
Create a gallery showing the images stored in a Dropbox folder. By adding or removing a file from the folder, the gallery will automatically update.
Compatibilità: v2019.1 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 7
Social Icons 
Create a menu bar with social media icons so that visitors can follow your news.
Compatibilità: v2019.1 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 16
Animated Headlines 
Create an animated signature, in which a part of the text changes showing the effect you have set.
Compatibilità: v12.0 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 17
RSS Feed 
Create a box with the latest RSS Feed News from your Website, Blog or another Website of your choice.
Compatibilità: v13.0 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 12
Full Calendar 
Show the calendar of your activities by importing more .ics files and by defining the graphical settings.
Compatibilità: v17.0 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 11
Icons8 Win10 Icons 
With this set of Windows 10 icons provided by Icons8, you can create modern and efficient graphic elements for your project.
Compatibilità: v13.1 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 5
Login & Logout 
This lets users log in/log out so they can access locked pages in your website.
Compatibilità: v13.1 - v2019.3
Versione corrente: 7